At Eighty


As the expression goes, life is made up of little moments, not the chronological unfolding of minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years that one lives. Those all seem to run together after awhile.

No, life is made up of special moments — moments that can be life-altering or life-changing, the memories of which stay forever in our minds, and sometimes change the way we look at things, which holds the possibility of changing the types of choices we make.

Though sometimes the fast pace of daily living causes us to miss those cherished moments, we realize that we need to slow it down enough that we can remember how precious it is to be alive, and to love.

A milestone birthday is a moment, to be sure. This month I celebrated one of those milestone birthdays, and have a poem to share as a result. It is found in one of my newest trio of books, MILESTONES*. Matter of fact, it is the lead-off poem.


As an intro to MILESTONES, I thought it would be
Of interest to share memories from my diary.
And though I’m unique, my life’s much the same
As others who live through events and are still “in the game.”

There are wisdoms and thoughts I’d like to pass along,
And I sing them loudly, for they are my life’s song:
You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.
Keep your mind young and don’t always do what you’re told.

Becoming eighty is merely a matter of life and death.
I choose life, and I’ll live it to my very last breath.
In my dreams I’m never eighty years old.
My adventures as I sleep are marvelous to behold!

Now, granted, at eighty, my birthday suit needs pressing,
But as I look around I am happily processing
The knowledge I’ve accumulated throughout my years,
And the joys of sharing them now, without fears.

The biggest advantage of living to this age
Is the time to acquire people to love at each stage.
In my youth there were people of action and adventure;
The more physical the activity, the more excitement, to be sure.

And later I found friends who were seeking something more…
A reason for existence beyond “minding the store.”
What is my purpose? What does it all mean?
The questions were large. The answers unseen.

Time has a way of moving things along
Some answers came slowly and some poured headlong.
Enough to learn I must share what I know,
Starting with family, then others to follow.

It takes a long lifetime to grow young once more;
From birth through youth, to a full four score.
The advantage of living to 80 and more?
There’s more people to love, but who’s keeping score?

At 80,
Jessica Tandy won a Best Actress Oscar, Yuichiro Miura climbed Mt. Everest,
And Coco was still running Chanel. There’s life still to be lived!

*The other two books are GRATITUDE and TAPESTRY. They are all found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and at your favorite book store (by order).