Praise for Gifts of Love

Every mother should give this book to their child, no matter what age. Or, every child should give this book to their mother. Truly heartfelt and meaningful writings.
— C Libby
For me, this book cast a spotlight on the many emotions a parent feels during the journey of life. My children are now adults with children of their own and I am still learning how to be a better mother as I read and reread these heartfelt poems
— Maureen Atkins
Kathryn Carole Ellison, poet extraordinaire, shares her 40 years of rhyming collections containing “slices of life” (as written for family occasions) with us all! Her inspirational poetry gives us a lifetime of her experiences to reflect upon, resonate with, and relate to others.
I loved the book. The poems are thoughtful and sometimes humorous. There is something for every mood and every occasion. It makes a terrific gift, and the author’s life experience comes through in her writing.
Kathryn Carole Ellison’s gifted verse provides daily inspiration - a literary sanctuary of sorts where one sets aside doubt and disquiet for assured amity and grace. The poet’s conclusive voice, affirming love and trust, is a sweet spot of certainty in a world where skepticism and uncertainty hold too fervent a sway.
— Allegra Atkinson
This broad spectrum of thought-provoking compositions provides a reverence for all that life has to offer. From adversity to joy and all that is in between. Wherever you find yourself on this road of life you will be able to find a relevant inspirational piece that imparts the feeling of sanctity of your journey. “Must haves” for your inspirational collection.
— Patty Kogutek, Ed. D., Author
Her poems are inspirational and leave you with good feelings. They are short, fun to read and leave you with strong feelings of positive energy we all cherish. She is a real treasure with great writing skills. Buy her books for yourself and the people you love.
— Ed Murphy