One of the definitions of the word Mosaic is an art piece which is "composed of a combination of diverse elements,” a seemingly perfect description of the makeup of our world’s population. While we do appear to be quite diverse — language, skin color, even the type of costuming we wear to express our uniqueness -- in our hearts and souls, are we not more similar than different? Our needs (not wants) are the same: food, shelter, safety for us and for our children, education, etc.

The poem MOSAIC, expresses my interpretation of the world as it might be… people from all over the world working together toward common goals to make this a better and safer world for us and for future generations.



None of us is alone in this world.
We are each a vital piece of the whole…
The whole of humanity, the entire population…
That’s nation by nation, each and every soul.

We’re a Mosaic, not of groups, but of individuals.
We each carry a host of cultural influences.
The Mosaic is held together by the common pursuit of happiness;
The most powerful mortar, its strength is immense.

We are not a melting-pot, but a beautiful Mosaic
Of different backgrounds, beliefs, and different colors of skin.
We’re all immigrants who bring the beauty of our origins
To be anchored in a new culture where we are all kin.