It’s “Back to School,” now that September has arrived, and time to settle into the familiar fall, winter and spring routine of learning: kids back to school; travel to far-away and interesting places about which to learn; interesting speakers on tour… the possibilities for learning are endless!

As September’s Poem of the Month infers, education is a lifelong experience, and learning how to learn at an early stage will make the lifelong experience more exciting and satisfying.

Wherever you are in your lives, remember: learning never stops as we age unless we stop it. Have a wonderful season.



It’s been said that a good education
Is one’s passport to a more meaningful life.
Though your lives may be filled with uncertainties,
With education you’ll function with less strife.

Oprah Winfrey says, “Education is the key
To unlocking the world.” (as you learn)
The knowledge you gain will give you perspective,
Understanding, and the power to discern.

If you develop a passion for learning
You will never cease to grow.
Anyone who stops learning is old,
No matter how much they know.

The purpose of education is to replace
An empty mind with one that’s receptive.
You learn more every day if you pay attention.
With openness of mind, you are more perceptive.

Education is not the learning of facts,
But the training of the mind to think.
Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare today.
Knowledge is there at the font. Take a drink.

There’s no guarantee that education will be easy.
Very little worth having is easy to acquire.
Education is not the filling of a pail.
No, education is the lighting of a fire.

Sonya Kopetz